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Star 6-Gold Test Day Policies 

  1. 1 month before Test Day (for example May 31st - April 31st) coaches will submit names of skaters and tests.  Coaches, parents, + skaters are encouraged to discuss testing plans in advance.
  2. 2 weeks before Test Day is the “Pull Date & Pay By Deadline”  This is the last day to withdraw from a test.
  3.  1 week before schedule will be finalized, and once shared with the EYSC Board + external evaluator(s)+ posted on the EYSC website [1 week before Test Day].

Guest skaters who are attending an EYSC Star 6-Gold Test Day, will pay for their test fees along with the $40 Non-EYSC Member Test Fee. 

Additional Info


1.  If a skater is ill and unable to try an Assessment, a healthcare professional note (from dr, physio, chiro etc) must be given to the Assessment Chair before Assessment day.  Lack of attendance on Assessment Day or late “pulls” will unfortunately result in the assignment of “Retry” on the Assessment and the Assessment fees must be paid and will not be refunded.

2.  Dances:  For STAR 1 - 8, skaters must pass all the assessments in a level before moving to the next level. STAR 9, 10 and Gold permit skaters to pass two of three dances at each level to be considered complete.