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Pre-Can Session Format

  • 30 minutes in length
  • Coach will stand on ice with duotang matching indicating the group colour.  Skater's nametag will have a sticker as to which group they are assigned.  
  • Skater's are continuously evaluated and may be moved groups depending on progress and coach's discretion. 
  • If skater passes the Pre-Can level, they will receive a ribbon on their nametag the following week.  And the coach will continue to teach the canskate levels.  
  • 1:5 max coach ratio


Canskate & Fundamentals

Spring 2023

  • 45 minutes in length
    • Group warm-up
    • 30 min lessons
      • rotating with 3 different coaches every 10 mins
      • one coach designated to teach balance, control and agility. 
    • Group activities
    • Cool down 
  • 1:10 max coach ratio
  • Skaters will warm up around the perimeter of the rink.
  • After warm-up, skaters will head to their designated group indicated by the coloured poster on the wall matching their sticker on their nametag. 
  • Every 10 mins the group will rotate to the next station (seeing 3 stations total).  Each week skaters will see the same 3 coaches and this process will become seamless.  
  • Skater's are continuously evaluated and may be switch groups depending on progress and coach's discretion.  However, teaching progressions are always being used which allows for different levelled skaters to be taught together!
    • You must be working on Badge 3 to be on Fundamentals.
  • Name tags will be collected during the last 15 mins.