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 COVID-19 Safety Protocols

  • Everyone entering the rink must wear a non-medical mask at all times, except while on the ice. Coaches are encouraged to wear a mask while teaching.
  • Entry to the arena will be through the main doors of the facility. The designated exit for anyone who is on the dressing room level will be through the side door at the bottom of the front staircase, which exits out into the parking lot.
  • Skaters and coaches are permitted to enter the facility a maximum of 15 minutes before the start of their scheduled session and exit the building within 10 minutes of their session finishing.
  • Everyone who enters the facility must complete and pass the verbal or written health check screening required by Skate Ontario and EYSC, which will be available at the front entrance of the rink.
  • For CanSkaters, one parent is permitted to enter and remain at the facility with the skater and skaters are encouraged to enter the facility with skates already on whenever possible.
  • For StarSkaters, it is preferred that only skaters enter the facility.
  • StarSkaters who need assistance tying his or her skates, are encouraged to enter the facility with skates already on whenever possible. If that is not possible a parent may enter the rink to assist his or her skater.
  • Skates may be tied in designated dressing rooms inside the facility. If doing so you must maintain social distancing and wear a mask.
  • At this time parents/guardians of bronze/silver/gold skaters are being asked to not stay in the rink facilities during their skater’s session.
  • If skaters wish to warm up, please do so outside the facility while maintaining physical distancing of at least 2m.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available at the front door and the entry to the ice; hands must be sanitized upon entry
  • Skaters are responsible for bringing their own personal items such as masks, tissue boxes, water bottles, gloves, etc. There will be no sharing of personal items. Used personal items, such as tissues, must be immediately disposed of into the garbage bins. Please wash gloves and reusable masks daily.
  • Please do not eat inside the arena; exception being skaters may take a water bottle to the ice surface.  If you are having a snack before or after a session, please do so outside.
  • Washrooms facilities are available if required.
  • Skaters and Coaches are to maintain at least 2m physical distancing at all times inside the facility, including on the ice surface. Coaches are not to have any physical contact with any skater unless the skater is hurt and first aid is required. A coach must wear a mask if they are attending to an injured skater.
  • Music machine - Follow Coach’s instructions. Music area will be disinfected after each session.
  • Harness- Mounted or portable harness is permitted. The skater and coach must wear a non-medical mask at all times when the harness is in use. The harness must be disinfected and/or sanitized before and after each use using spray or wipe. The coach/skater should sanitize their hands before and after use. Harness lessons should be limited to no more than 15 minutes with adequate time allowed in between lessons to disinfect the equipment (harness will not be used in fall)

All Skaters, Coaches and Parents/Guardians (for minors under 18), are required to sign to show they have read and agree to all the protocols and procedures outlined above prior to entering the facility.