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Figure Skates


Handy Tips for Care of Skates

  • Always wear guards when not on the ice, even on rubber matting.
  • Always remove guards before storing skates.
  • Dry blades and sole plate completely with a towel.
  • Use soft guards when skates are in a bag to protect the blades.

Always unlace skates sufficiently before removing them or else you will destroy your skates by ripping the back seam.


Frequency of Skate Sharpening and other Facts

The following outlines general guidelines that you may follow:


  • Skating 1 day/week – sharpen skates every 2-3 months
  • Skating 2 days/week – sharpen skates every 6 weeks to 2 months


  • Skates should be sharpened after 20-30 hrs of skating

Other factors to consider when determining the frequency of sharpening are:

  • Condition of ice – skating at outdoor public rinks may dull/nick blades quicker
  • Damaged edges – blade may be accidentally be nicked due to various reasons
  • Skater preference – some skaters prefer very sharp or duller blades


Figure Skate sharpening companies

Use a good figure skate sharpening company.

The club recommends below:


  • Jake’s Figure Skate Sharpening
    Appointments Recommended
    14 Essex Avenue, Unit 28, Thornhill, ON L3T 3Z1


  • Figure Skating Boutique


  • Mara Boutique


  • Esta Figure Skating Boutique
    (905) 330-2126

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