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Transitioning from Canskate to STARSkate



This program was created to bridge the gap between Stage 6 CanSkate and the Figure Skating Program (StarSkate).  Prior to the Pre-Bronze Group Program skaters would sign-up for Open Bronze ice sessions.  First, you would hire a private coach and then book the on-ice Bronze session.  Skaters would skate on open ice and attend a private lesson with their coach.  A typical lesson is 15 minutes long.  The Uplifter fee is for ice time only.  Skaters would then pay their private coach directly for their lesson time.  We were finding that the Fundamental Skaters were nervous for this transition. 

Alas, the Pre-Bronze Groups!  A 60-minute group lesson, learning the StarSkate Program with multiple coaches.



  • Skaters who have passed Canskate 5 (working on level 6)
  • Star 1 skaters

For best improvement, the coaches encourage skaters to skate multiple times per week. 

A combination of 2 Pre-Bronze Group Classes and/or add a Private Lesson session on Open Bronze. 


Schedule & Structure

Fall Sessions Coming Soon

Class Structure: 

60 minutes Group Lessons

Skaters will be grouped by the Coaches/On-Ice Coordinator based on their skating ability.

Skaters will be lead in Group Warm-up. 

 Groups Lessons: rotating between multiple coaches.

Lessons will cover Star 1 learning the disciplines of Freeskate, Dance and Skills. 

Group Cool Down lead by a coach.  

All skaters will have the opportunity to be assessed during the warm-up or cool down time of the session.  This could be for their remaining Canskate Ribbons or the Star Assessments.  Our On-Ice Coordinator will be arranging these. 


Info for Skaters in Canskate Stage 6 

If your skater is currently in Fundamentals, working on Stage 6 and wishing to continue as a Figure Skater...

This is the best way to fast track!  

Stage 6 and Star 1 are very similar skills; however in the Star 1 version you focus more on technique. 

Figure Skating technique includes: Blade pushes, knee and ankle rhythm, timing, carriage etc.